“Cooking with CAP “: celebrating fresh, community and regional food. What’s your Hero Ingredient?

Cooking with CAP

Literacy & Numeracy activities for Cookbook

Below are the two major activities for CAP Chef.

1. Hero Ingredient

Choose a food product from your region that you identify as your "Hero Ingredient"

Find out about this product by researching:

  • The Web
  • Local producers and experts
  • Community feedback from the public in your area

Your research must include:

  • An overview of where you live and your school community
  • Information about the ingredient
  • How / Why the ingredient is produced
  • What is it used for
  • Any benefits it provides to your region
  • Community opinions about the ingredient
  • Why it is the "Hero Ingredient"

These 3 texts are all used for the purpose of informing and persuading.

Students will use their research to compose 1 of 3 texts with the purpose of informing or persuading.

  • Feature Article- informing a general audience outside of your regional area about your Hero Ingredient
  • OR

  • Recommendation – Compose a recommendation to your local council about why the product should be the Hero Ingredient of your Region
  • OR

  • Film using:
    • using Animoto (If you wish to try this simple web tool you can get a free educator account for 50 students)
    • Movie Maker
    • iPod or iPad film apps

Create a documentary or digital story about your region and the ingredient.

Due Date: Week 4 of the Project

2. Hero Ingredient Recipe


  • Students will individually compose their own recipe using the local “Hero Ingredient” product as the main ingredient– criteria for this recipe is provided, see attached
  • A free application called "Resort Recipe" will be available for schools to download via the CAP Chef Blog. Students will publish their recipe’s using authentic, purpose designed software that underpins numeracy and literacy in a hospitality setting.
  • The School will also choose a local identity and ask them to submit their favourite recipe on the Hero Ingredient for the region too. This will also be published in the cookbook, alongside the school entry.

Due Date: Friday Week 5 of the project

Hero Ingredient Criteria

  • Hero ingredient must be one that is produced in the same region as the school
  • Ingredients must be available from local suppliers in the community where your family shop
  • Recipe must be produced for under $2.00 per person
  • Recipe must be formatted using Resort Software provided for download via the Official CAP Chef Blog
  • The published recipe must include:
    • Photo of the dish
    • Method
    • Measurements
  • Recipe must be produced from start to finish in 30 minutes
  • The recipe creator must be able to reproduce the dish if asked