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My view on the week

28. July 2012 05:51

Well I cannot recall ever having said this before; but I am almost speechless - what a fantastic week in my life. The most beautifully mannered young Australians I have encountered since I went to school and I hope you can remember those stories! Collarenebri - I had never been here before and I certainly hope I get to visit again. A great kitchen, good bunch of guys and I really liked the location of the ‘Mike Brown’ vegetable patch -right near the kitchen, fantastic idea! Moree was a real buzz for both Cass’ and I as our friends from Moree East remembered us. It made us feel quite special as we have been to that school three times before and, for us, it was the kick off ground for our involvement with CAP through Kim Denis. Michael from Moree introduced us to his coffee making students, they made the best coffee and so my day was then complete. Warialda was another surprise with yet again another fantastic kitchen complete with the most entertaining students with fantastic attitudes, Ashford a repeat of the past three days with the inclusion of two real characters, Chisholm and principal Mick, - a couple of real gems and I feel better for meeting them. I always end up with a pleasant surprise on these types of excursions and on this trip I met Dylan, he is one of the most passionate young guys I have met in years and I hope to see him in our kitchens in the future. My final day was at Drake, oh my God a truly fantastic day, I did not want it to end, I had to stop Cass’ from trying to kidnap the girls and Lachlan still owes me a full car detail! All in all possibly one of the greatest weeks in my life, the teachers are now classed as my friends and I truly think that you guys are so lucky to have a group of professional educators that actually care about you, I wish I had of had the same opportunity. By the way, please do not underestimate our comments about your manners, they will certainly help you in your future careers - it goes a very long way in hospitality. Guys, please keep in touch with both Cass’ and me and, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the way you treated us. We look forward to seeing you around our wonderful country in the future. Cheers from your CAP executive chef and friend

Glenn. Forgive the spelling you know i am not good!!!! (my teachers were not as good as yours are or, perhaps they were and i didn't pay attention!)

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