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You guys are outstanding

29. August 2012 07:05

Ok i have just gone through the recipes that Carla has sent to me and i am absolutely thrilled at the amount of work recieved and the quality of recipes provided. I have just returned from Singapore and Thailand and had the oppertunity to view some students work from local schools and you guys just clean up, you are so so good. A little bit of feed back on the recipes be mindful of your attention to detail, some recipes are missing ingredients and some are just not work able, i know it is easy to sit on the outside and judge but believe me i have been in your shoes and it is not easy i know. I have to say that all of you have exceeded my expectations i have seen some great ideas and some excellent aplications for regional produce. When i read some of the discriptions though i do feel that there has been way to much TV influencing the dish, dont worry i know whs cooking and who is useing a little to much creative licence, remember if you win i still may turn up and make you repeat the dish for me so beware. i now need to get Cass and my other chefs on the team to view the work and a winner will be announced shortly with the prize. stay tuned team


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