“Cooking with CAP “: celebrating fresh, community and regional food. What’s your Hero Ingredient?


Week 1

Roadshow kick off from 23rd July. See roadshow itinerary.

The activities that follow below are suggestions for schools to be involved in within their normal programing. The time frame is suggested only, with flexibility but due dates for Literacy & Numeracy projects are on the Project attachments

Week 2

Garden to plate: Schools choice.

As a follow up to the Roadshow Garden to Plate Workshop, schools can be planting gardens and schools outside of the host schools are encouraged to source sponsorship from local hardware and community for the materials to build their own "Fresh food garden" . This is also an opportunity for individual schools to "ask a local expert" to come speak on this topic or contribute.

Week 3

Cooking with CAP - In School activities for immersion in local food produce and recipe creation activity.

Aim: Produce a Coffee Table cookbook from schools involved. Submissions by Week 5

Please see CAP Chef Literacy and Numeracy activities. High school students and teachers may work collaboratively with another KLA such as English or Maths to create the texts

Week 4

CAP Culinary Adventures with other cultures.

Blog Contributions/Questions/Interviews/– Glenn Austin of Xtremechef.com.au has developed a blog where international /national connections with chefs can be formed and students can participate in Blog questions, stories, sharing the immersion activities they have completed in school. CAP has a Chef from Texas (USA) who is happy to Skype with schools who are interested re food / culture. Local communities may choose to invite a guest to share information about another cultures food or classes could complete a research project that suits their outcomes and program at this time.

Week 5

Recipe Submissions Due by Friday

Thank you letters written to sponsors, speakers and trainers from students.

NOTE: This is particularly important for our sponsors who have donated food and resources.
A sponsor list and "How to" will be sent to Schools

Any other school Work samples that schools may have done with students /photos of projects, to share with Glenn and other CAP schools on the BLOG. Submissions to competitions completed for judging.